Reduced speed increases CO2

Posted on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 , 08:01:00 byEmil

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Reduced speed increases CO2

A shocking new study it showing that driving with 20mph, not 30mph, actually it pumps out more CO2. The research carried by the AA revealed that slowing down the traffic can boost carbon dioxide levels reaching as much as 10 per cent.

Plus the motoring organization`s warning the local authorities that well intentioned schemes of safety could backfire in terms of environment. The hike in the CO2 is because the vehicles aren`t at their most efficient state when running slow.

The AA`s investigation says a petrol model at 20mph street could emit almost one tonne of extra CO2 per mile. `Transport planners have minimal official guidance on the environmental impact of 20mph speed limits` affirmed AA president Edmund King. `It would be a bitter irony if local authorities are found guilty of pumping up emissions through the indiscriminate use of these restrictions`.