U.S. Top Consumer Report study

Posted on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 , 04:01:32 byEmil

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U.S. Top Consumer Report study

As it got us used, the very influencial profile magazine- Consumer Reports- has just published its annual list of the top rated brands on the U.S. market and once again the first two positions were taken by Toyota and Honda. However, this year’s resulta saw U.S. automakers automakers improve their standings, with three of the top five spots going to one of the Detroit 3 brands. The survey is centered on the way consumers perceive the vehicles in aspects as safety, , quality, value, performance, environmental friendliness, design, and technological innovation- it is assumed that these are the most important factors customers consider when buying a car for themselves.

There were 1720 people that took part in the survey, who own at least one car- it was concluded that the most important aspect looked for in a brand is safety (63% agreed on being the most important), followed close by quality (58%). A strange conclusion was that of some brands being considered really mediocre on the U.S. market, but being very successful overseas- for example, Audi. Scored just a total of 14 points which included it on the list of worst cars in U.S.A. Audi is very far from the best ones on the market as Mercedes and BMW.

Here is a short list of the results published by Consumers Reports:

Best: - Toyota - 189
Honda - 146
Ford - 112
Chevrolet - 110
GMC - 102

Worst: -Buick - 25
Mercury - 22
Mitsubishi - 21
Audi - 14
Acura - 8