A second round of recalls at Ford

Posted on Friday, 1 February 2008 , 12:02:03 byEmil

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A second round of recalls at Ford

Ford announced a second recall round for some Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars. Ford has recalled already the same batch of autos for damaged wiring harnesses, but some of the all new harnesses have a damaged fuse, which don`t offer enough short circuit protection.

The original recall involved 225,000 autos — including the 1992-2003 Econoline vans, Ford 1992-98 Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis sedans, Bronco SUVs 1993, F-series 1995-97 stripped chassis trucks, the 1993-95 Taurus SHO sedans, Town Car 1992-95 sedans, and F series1993 trucks — but the newest recall will be covering `only a small percentage of the total population of vehicles that were initially recalled` says Ford.

This recall will also affect the gasoline-powered autos.