Audi tops the service chart

Posted on Saturday, 2 February 2008 , 10:02:28 byEmil

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Audi tops the service chart

The luxury brand name was the top-ranking auto maker in a cross-sector study made for measuring factors like professionalism, staff friendliness, handling of complaints and competence... Audi. The poll was heavily dominated by German makers; second place in standings went right to Mercedes, while the third podium spot was taken by BMW/MINI.

A spokesman for ICS explained `The automotive sector has scored consistently well across the board, with customers thinking makers scored well in all areas`.

The satisfaction index asked also 6,000 buyers to rate 11 other industries, and the automotive companies were ranked from the most successful. `That means even the lowest-scoring brands are still performing better than the best in some other sectors of industry’ continued the spokesman.