Woman reporting herself for driving under influence

Posted on Saturday, 2 February 2008 , 03:02:24 byEmil

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Woman reporting herself for driving under influence

This is absolutely the funniest news of this week: a woman from United States called the police while she was driving under alcohol influence to report herself that she was committing a crime! The name of this woman is not relevant, but after some drinking session at a local bar she became aware of her erratic driving. So, and at the request from her husband she just called 911 to report herself.

When asked what thought would happen if she dialed 911, she said: `I`m not really sure. I don`t really think I was thinking that much at the time`.

Even if she`s not convinced that the ticket was fair, she`ll have to pay it!

Here`s a copy of her discussion with the cops:

Caller: I just want to know if somebody can follow me home because somebody seems to think I can’t drive home straight.
911: OK, why is that?
Caller: He seems to think I am too intoxicated to drive.
911: OK, and so you called 9-1-1 or he called 9-1-1?
Caller: Well, he wanted me to call 9-1-1 ’cause he thinks I’m too drunk to drive.