Still questioning about Infiniti Q flagship

Posted on Monday, 4 February 2008 , 13:02:51 byEmil

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Still questioning about Infiniti Q flagship

There are rumors between the Infiniti dealers that a new Q flagship will hit the market before 2010, but the man that knows all the future moves, the CEO Carlos Ghosn has some doubts about whether to build or not a next-generation Q. Last version of Q flagship ended production by 2006 and back then, the standard version was somewhere at 58,750$. Taking into consideration that the present range topper is M45, that starts at 50,065, we might say that there is still room for further improvement and for a higher-standard model.

Peter Wilson, Infiniti dealer, commented for Automotive News that „We know something will come. We just don’t know what it will look like.” On the other side, the CEO is stil waiting for a suitable business solution for a new Q flagship from the management board. One of the persons trying to find such a case, is Mark Igo, one of the executives directors, which recently commented that such a vehicle built by Infiniti would „help make the brand better” but only time will tell if it would be also profitable.

Taking into consideration that Infiniti is no longer a car to be sold just on the American market ( it is woth mentioning that we can find it also in Korea, China and Russia and seems that soon it will be available also on the Western Europe market), the future concept will have to have a global appeal to that it can address customers all over the world. Within this regard, dealers were asked to find a common ground among them but the task does not seem to be that easy after all- as a first try, last month, the Infiniti retailers met in Japan to discuss issues like transmission options for a new vehicle and also potential powertrain, but unfortunately they did not come to a common conclusion- hopefully, next discussions will prove more efficient.