Lexus producing compact SUVs

Posted on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 , 07:02:01 byEmil

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Lexus producing compact SUVs

Toyota is considering making a small luxury SUV. While Lexus has denied any interest in such a car in the past, the trend toward compact luxury SUVs has Toyota`s luxury department reconsidering the decision.

Jim Lentz, the Motor Sales U.S.A. president for Toyota, says that a small SUV auto could appeal to buyers `sick of the suburbs, but who don`t want to give up the utility of their SUV. A small luxury SUV might be the right product for that environment` he told the Automotive News.

Likely the SUV would be based on the RAV4 by Toyota. However, Lexus still evaluates if they would be cable to deliver the brand names expected features at the price point of around $30,000.