Aston Martin and Mercedes following the same purpose together: brand expansion

Posted on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 , 09:02:53 byEmil

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Aston Martin  and Mercedes following the same purpose together: brand expansion

We all know that no matter if we are talking about a shirt or a vehicle, as long as they both are part of the luxury-market products, the excellent name recognition and reputation are vital for the business to grow. According to this principle, Aston Martin’s primary shareholder, Kuwaiti firm Investment Dar, has future plans to develop the brand’s name to include everything from apparel and owners events to track days and real estate. To achieve this, Aston Martin will team with Mercedes for producing the new engines and, possibly, even the new models so for sure the experience of the very-much appreciated German constructor will help Aston Martin develop even further. However, the Aston martin cars themselves will still be manufactured in the UK- only the additions to Aston’s brand will be made elsewhere outside England or maybe some of the components.

The future plans are to increase production to 8,000 car units in 2008 which will puch Gaydon plant near its maximum capacity of 9,000 cars manually made in an year. If there shall be plans for additional production of cars, for sure they will have to be made somewhere else and most probably, this is the spot in which the alliance with Mercedes gets to its purposes. Sales increases are planned for the Eastern part of Europe, for Russia and China- at the moment just 300 Aston Martins per year are delivered to the Eastern Europe. In Russia there already exists an Aston Martin dealership, but it will get another one this year as well as China where the first one will open its doors in 2008. However, going back to the deal that Aston Martin made with Mercedes, details are not available for the moment and a final line-up has not been reached yet.