Peugeot will reveal the 308 GT THP at the Geneva Motor Show

Posted on Tuesday, 19 February 2008 , 17:02:44 byEmil

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Peugeot will reveal the 308 GT THP at the Geneva Motor Show

Peugeot will reveal at the Geneva Motor Show the GT THP 308, a model powered by 1.6 liter turbo-charged THP petrol engine 175 bhp, previously found on the 207 GTi THP 175. This engine will be mated with a brand new manual 6-speed gearbox.

Designed in co-operation with BMW Group, the turbo-charged petrol engine 1.6 liter develops a top power of 175 bhp - 6000 rpm but is characterized mainly by its grand torque output. With a high torque output of 180 lb ft (or 195 lb ft with the over boost) at only 1600 rpm, this engine provides extraordinary in-gear acceleration plus levels of drivability normally associated with a bigger capacity engine.

Inside it gains an aluminum gear knob plus foot pedals and an all-new steering wheel design.

This new engine gives the 308 with higher levels of performance while, in the same time, has a mixed fuel consumption of 37.1 mpg plus CO2 emissions of 180 g/km, 10% less than on the 307 2.0 liter Feline 180.

The GT THP 175 308 will go on sale in the United Kingdom in April and more info involving specification and costs will be announced later, nearer the debut date.