Discover India in two fabulous Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Posted on Thursday, 21 February 2008 , 16:02:44 byEmil

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Discover India in two fabulous Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Ferrari is delighted to make the announcement of the beginning of the Magic India Discovery Tour, a new Prancing Horse adventure, getting underway from Mumbai on 25th of February and returns on May 8th to the same city having covered a route involving more than 11,000 kilometres. The auto featured in the tour is 612 Scaglietti, the flagship GT model at Ferrari.

Two of these fabulous Prancing Horse berlinettas will be embarking on the voyage, coming in the wake of China 15,000 Red Miles tour that was completed in 2005 and Panamerican 20,000 tour of 2006, both were hugely successful. Ferrari`s offering now a total of 50 journalists from all the world the unique opportunity of taking turns behind the wheel of the V12-powered 612 Scaglietti on the course of the 12-stage 72-day voyage featuring discovery of all the Indian richness and delights.

The journalists will be exploring this fascinating country that combines tradition and modernity. India`s currently enjoying a very exciting period involving rapid economic growth and a great bang in its advanced technologies department yet remains rooted in all the traditions of the ancient culture.

Obviously, Ferrari is not new to this type of marathon voyage. Its last adventure like this was the Panamerican 20,000 tour in which two 599 GTB Fioranos have traveled from the Brazil beaches to the East Coast of the United States, taking in the arid deserts, the tropical rain forests and the snowy peaks as they all traversed a whole continent.