Honda CR-Z based coupe to be debuted in 2010

Posted on Thursday, 21 February 2008 , 05:02:43 byEmil

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Honda CR-Z based coupe to be debuted in 2010

Honda made the announcement that a production variant based on the CR-Z Concept revealed in 2007 at the auto show in Tokyo will debut in late 2009 or early 2010 in Europe. This will be one of the three hybrid units that Honda plans to be selling by 2011.

The cost it`s likely to be around 25,000 euros, Turner affirmed. `Only the very top versions would come close to 20,000 pounds (28,000 euros)` he continued.

The styling of Tokyo CR-Z Concept would probably be `a highly marketable shape’ in Europe, said Turner. `If we could deliver a car that looked like that, it would be a big success whatever power unit we had in it`.

Though the production CR-Z model is designed specifically for the hybrid operation, Honda`s considering a conventional gasoline variant is there in enough demand, said Turner.

`We see hybrid as a great way of attracting people to the Honda brand who aren`t Honda loyalists` he affirmed. `This could be huge in terms of conquest customers.`