2008 Infiniti G37 Sedan at the Geneva Motor Show

Posted on Tuesday, 26 February 2008 , 13:02:36 byEmil

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2008 Infiniti G37 Sedan at the Geneva Motor Show

Infiniti will reveal at the Geneva Motor Show the G37 Sedan 2008, a vehicle designed especially for the market in Europe. It will be offered having either rear- or all-wheel drive system featuring drive taken to the wheels through a slick six-speed manual or high-tech seven-speed automatic transmission.

4WAS (Four-Wheel Active Steer) is available as part of the G37 Sport Infiniti model (see basic and optional equipment). All of this helps improving the handling performance by varying front steering ratio and by adjusting the rear suspension geometry according to vehicle speed and steering input.

An AWD variant, known as Infiniti G37x, is using the ATTESA E-TS from Infiniti (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split) the all-wheel drive system, as found on the EX37 and FX units will also be on the market.

The G37 Sedan will run with a 3.7-litre variant of the VQ engine family. Regularly honored in some independent awards all over the world, the twin cam 24 valve V6 makes over 310PS and an amazing over 350Nm of torque.

Infiniti is synonymous with automobile quality, and that doesn`t happen at all by accident.

Testing every Infiniti unit in the harshest of conditions plus over thousands and thousands of kilometers ensures the durability, the peace of mind that customers can expect from all the products.