Dacia Logan for Count Dracula

Posted on Wednesday, 27 February 2008 , 11:02:51 byEmil

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Dacia Logan for Count Dracula

About the Dracula legend you all know lot of things, and there`s no need to talk more about this. But about the Dacia Logan specially created for the Count Dracula and costing 45.000 euro, oh well, that`s something worth talking.

The Logan Dracula Edition was developed by DeSwart – the German tuner. On the exterior it has an awestruck landscape, in exactly the same way as the Dracula legend. The painting was put on the whole body and on the 18`` wheels also. No other changes were made to the exterior.

There were made many changes on the interior and were made for improving the comfort of the passengers. The DVD is incorporated in the antimacassar, sporty seats having the shell shape and the upholstery is black and red. All this next to a ultimate generation audio system with lots of lights combine the legend of the well known character Dracula with sportiveness and gadgets of a final-generation vehicle.

The great surprise comes right from the carrier: it was covered in exactly the same way as a coffin plus a mini-sauna was installed also.