Irmscher Opel GT - at the anniversary

Posted on Wednesday, 27 February 2008 , 12:02:50 byEmil

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Irmscher Opel GT - at the anniversary

With the occasion of the firm`s 35th anniversary the strongest and most powerful of the Opel Vectras had caused a real stir by reaching the speed of over 300km/h. However, what`s emerging from the plant floors in Remshalden for the firm`s 40th anniversary is an auto for the true lover: the Opel GT i40 Irmscher.

The figures in the car`s number stand for the company data: Günther Irmscher senior has started up in Winnenden with the first auto modifications in 1968. In the person of junior Günther Irmscher, the second generation is at fore of the firm this year and is proof that the 40 years of history in the company should be properly celebrated at this anniversary.

The Remshalden firm is starting its anniversary having a world premiere in Geneva. So here, the GT model will be making the first appearance ever, causing a stir in Hall 2, at the firms stand.

The special units with the `i` in their name always have had their places in the history of the company. The GT i40 model here lines up with an entire row of other autos, from i120, i130, i200…through the i500 to i35 which has an appearance for the 35th anniversary of the company. At that time, the compressor helped to enhance the performance of the V6-Motor. The result was the quickest Opel limousine in the world series production. 5 years later it`s a V8 that`s causing a sensation in the Roadster.