Hummer Mountain Rescue

Posted on Thursday, 28 February 2008 , 09:02:39 byEmil

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Hummer Mountain Rescue

HUMMER partnered with England & Wales`s Mountain Rescue, to provide a specially changed auto for the United Kingdom charity. UK Mountain Rescue is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and to commemorate the landmark, the newly debuted right-hand drive H3 by HUMMER will be supporting the busiest teams of the charity in England and Wales through the whole year. The hardy on/off road car will be carrying both equipment and personnel as the Mountain Rescue goes on saving hundreds of lives every year.

Hailed as an off-road auto – ‘like nothing else’ the H3 unit is one of the most potent, capable off-road cars on the market at the moment. Recently presented into the UK, the H3 vehicle is a smaller, more agile and affordable variant of the bigger H1 and H2 units. In addition to its iconic style, the car boasts many advanced off-road features that are allowing the driver to be enjoying full versatility in some of the hardest driving conditions nature’s offering.

Steve Catlin from HUMMER states: “We are delighted to provide such a tangible support to one of the country’s most vital charities. The HUMMER H3 is the ideal vehicle to tackle some of the toughest terrains and we hope it can provide a valuable support to the incredibly brave and courageous work that Mountain Rescue teams undertake throughout the year”.

Andy Simpson from the Mountain Rescue (England & Wales) affirms “As we rely entirely on charitable donations to keep going, the HUMMER H3 will be a fantastic asset to some of our busiest Mountain Rescue teams in 2008”.