Police Searched the Home of Ron Dennis and McLaren Offices

Posted on Thursday, 28 February 2008 , 09:02:19 byEmil

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Police Searched the Home of Ron Dennis and McLaren Offices

The Telegraph, British newspaper, is reporting that Italian and British police searched yesterday homes owned by Ron Dennis, the team principal of McLaren and a search on McLaren headquarters too. A Spanish newspaper reported yesterday that Dennis was forced out of his role in the team by Mercedes-Benz, which is the owner of a big interest in that team.

Police, according to this report, conducted the searches in the first morning hours looking for computer data and documents linking Ron Dennis to the last year thefts of confidential info from the Ferrari F1 team. It was reported that the computer files were removed by the Italian authorities from the McLaren headquarters.

"McLaren have today continued their co-operation with enquiries instigated by the Modena magistrate. The Surrey police accompanied Italian investigators to the homes of a number of McLaren executives as part of their ongoing investigation. A similar process has been performed at the McLaren Technology Centre”.

"The police are satisfied with the co-operation they have received. These actions are part of a normal judicial process in connection with the ongoing investigation, and are supported by McLaren Racing”.

Five members of the team at McLaren, including Ron Dennis, The McLaren five of Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh, Paddy Lowe, Rob Taylor and Jonathan Neale, have been advised previously by Italian authorities that they’re the subject of the criminal investigation in the country. According to the report of yesterday in the Spanish newspaper, Martin Whitmarsh is in line for succeeding Dennis as the team principal. However, there isn’t any confirmation by McLaren of that report in the Spanish newspaper.