Seat SportCoupe Bocanegra 2008 at the Motor Show in Geneva

Posted on Tuesday, 4 March 2008 , 11:03:12 byEmil

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Seat SportCoupe Bocanegra 2008 at the Motor Show in Geneva

The Motor Show in Geneva is the venue that was chosen by SEAT to reveal the all-new SportCoupé `Bocanegra` prototype, an auto that oozes spottiness and character. This is the start of the new short-term products venture for SEAT that will have the glitzy debut of the brand new Ibiza generation plus the new saloon which will be revealed in 2009.

The new prototype of SEAT is equipped with unprecedented mix of a strong efficient 1.4 TSI twin turbo engine and the seven-speed DSG gearbox having mounted steering wheel controls.

Mating that engine, which the small cylinder resulted in some low emissions of CO2, together with that fast sporty DSG gearbox, is sure to be providing lots of excitement in driving. The possibility of making changes in gears by flicking paddles on the steering wheel plus the outstanding precision and stability of SEAT’s own hallmark “Agile Chassis” afford customers an exiting, sporty experience of driving.

Erich Schmitt - SEAT President stressed out the importance of this new SportCoupé model, confirming that “the SEAT SportCoupé ´Bocanegra´ is a sporty, design oriented prototype, with which we want our brand´s position to stand out. At the same time, the ´Bocanegra´ is an outlook of the future design language of SEAT”.