Spying on the Lotus Project Eagle prototype

Posted on Friday, 7 March 2008 , 08:03:17 byEmil

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Spying on the Lotus Project Eagle prototype

Just a week ago, the spy photographers snapped the world first photos of Lotus `Project Eagle` test auto, mostly showing the rear and front of the car. We`ve got now two additional pictures providing a better idea of the vehicle`s size and side profile.

About Project Eagle little is known at this point, but it’s believed that the auto will be powered by Toyota-sourced 3.0L V6 making about 300 horsepower. Sources indicate also that a base unit with a V6 2.5L could be offered also. Whatever the powerplant, its power is expected to be placed to the rear wheels through a paddle shift gearbox.

The officials from Lotus said that the vehicle's back seat will be accommodating younger children, so it could indicate that it’ll function more as an extra storage room rather than a functional seating.

Going in production in the first part of 2009, the coupe has its base on the VVA (Versatile Vehicle Architecture) shown in APX (Aluminium Performance Crossover) Concept. So, a convertible variant might be following the coupe.