Details on the brand new model from Ferrari

Posted on Saturday, 8 March 2008 , 04:03:39 byEmil

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Details on the brand new model from Ferrari

Last week at the Motor Show in Geneva, Ferrari made the announcement that it would reveal an all-new vehicle at the Paris Motor Show in September. The Italian carmaker omitted any details regarding the car at the press conference announcement, but we did get the scoop on this new unit from an insider at Ferrari.

The new auto will be a front-engine hardtop 2+2 convertible. Power will come from the same V8 4.3L powerplant that’s found in F430, but with some changes. The new auto will have higher horsepower rating, more than F430 — likely close to the 500 — but the F430 model will still have the advantages in torque. The direct-injection will be included also on the new unit, good for 8% increase in the economy of fuel.

Interestingly enough, this new Ferrari unit started out life actually as a Maserati. The new car was created under the codename M139 — letter M is for Maserati — and it was intended to be completing Maserati's present lineup — and giving the Italian Marque the Quattroporte sports sedan model, the GranTurismo coupe plus the present Ferrari-branded hardtop convertible. This yet-to-be-named auto from Ferrari will be even riding on the platform of GranTurismo. But after the 2005 Ferrari's split from Maserati, Ferrari has decided to be keeping the M139 program totally for itself.