Vision EfficientDynamics Concept from BMW points right to the future

Posted on Monday, 10 March 2008 , 03:03:00 byEmil

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Vision EfficientDynamics Concept from BMW points right to the future

The Vision EfficientDynamics Concept car from BMW has made the world debut at the Motor Show in Geneva. The concept auto is designed to be showcasing the possible future direction of the performance enhancing plus emissions lowering innovations of the BMW`s EfficientDynamics. But these technologies are not all conceptual – actually far from it. In the same time, the details have been now published outlining the substantial CO2 and savings of the fuel that have been made already by the award-winning technologies at BMW.

Auto Start / Stop, the Brake Energy Regeneration and the lightweight engineering are offered on almost all the BMW products since the beginning of 2007. In the United Kingdom, vehicles having EfficientDynamics technologies account now for over 95 per cent of all units sold. On a Europe basis, it’s expected to equate to over 700,000 EfficientDynamics-equipped autos sold this year.

The X5 concept produces 43.5mpg on the mixed cycle and only 172g/km of CO2 emissions – that’s unprecedented in the big 4x4 segment. But, using the innovative twin-turbocharged two-liter BMW diesel engine that makes more than 100hp per liter, the auto still offers the drivers the traditional performance appeal of the BMW. It completes the zero to 62mph sprint in only 8.9 seconds, that’s a time faster than the most present production competitors.