Type 12-2 by Bugatti - a powerful competitor

Posted on Monday, 10 March 2008 , 16:03:34 byEmil

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Type 12-2 by Bugatti - a powerful competitor

About an upcoming 2+2 Bugatti model there are lots of rumors already. And with all the rumors around it`s normal for the designers to gave their point of view of how the vehicle might look like. The preview from today comes from the designer Reuben Zammit, 31-year-old freelance from Malta.

This 2+2 seater will be a powerful competitor for unit like 612 Scaglietti from Ferrari.

The goal was getting the type 12-2 recognizable immediately, yet makes a signature of its own for some specific marquee. The classic rear wheel drive front engine layout. The shape’s allowing for a boot larger than its rivals, and yet keeping all the lines flowing. The doors are taking a big part of the side and roof for an easier access.

The idea is to be using a VW derived W12 engine featuring a twin turbo layout resulting the name 12-2. And although not as extravagant as W16 used for the Veyron model, there would be enough strength to propel the Type 12-2 up to more than 200 mph.