Toyota and its green Prius image

Posted on Monday, 10 March 2008 , 05:03:03 byEmil

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Toyota and its green Prius image

Toyota wants to take advantage of its green Prius image - petrol-electric hybrid auto, enjoys by creating upon its `Prius` name and debuting a new eco-friendly vehicles family under it. Some e claimed that Toyota could be launching a second dedicated hybrid brand name but now its executive vice president at R&D has unveiled that the Prius unit could be turned out into a brand itself.

Speaking with the Automotive News, Kazuo Okamoto - Toyota exec said the planners were studying this idea but was not willing to give a confirmation of how far the talks progressed. “I do think it is a reasonable direction” he continued.

Okamoto revealed also that the next Prius unit could spawn several versions from the same platform. So, when asked about sedans, wagons and coupes, he said “using the Prius platform for various variations is possible”.

Pictured above you can see the 1/X carbon-fiber plug-in Toyota concept at Tokyo Motor Show from last year, and it’s reportedly the basis for the great next-generation of Prius due at the end of this decade.