KTM X-Bow debuting at the FIA GT4 European Cup

Posted on Friday, 14 March 2008 , 11:03:31 byEmil

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KTM X-Bow debuting at the FIA GT4 European Cup

KTM made the announcement that two track cars X-Bow will be entering in the FIA GT4 European Cup this year. Competing in the brand new created `Sport Lights` class, the autos will be raced and prepared by Reiter Engineering, German-based motor race specialists, which has operated quite successful on Lamborghini racing teams at FIA GT1, GT2 plus GT3.

The KTM decision of placing the racing X-Bow premiere under the Reiter’s coordination, rather than entering the championship under the factory-run operation, this was taken allowing KTM to be using the GT4 entry as pilot project to `drive` the development of the future buyer motor sport applications, the production unit too.

Italian Loris Bicocchi, who will be one of two drivers competing in the Reiter team, has been heavily involved in the development of the KTM X-Bow from the outset as test driver and played an important role in the chassis tuning of the vehicle. Biccochi’s former motor sport experience has included the testing, development and racing of many of the world’s most prestigious supercars – including the Koenigsegg CCR.

Apart from all the pragmatic goals, the firm is also quite enthusiastic about this anticipated performance of the first sports auto in the GT4 Sports Light Series. The KTM is looking forward for the premiere of X-Bow on the scene of motor sports – enjoying thrilling races, taking on a maximum-caliber starters field and writing a whole new chapter in the brand’s history.