The pricing for BMW M3 Convertible

Posted on Thursday, 20 March 2008 , 05:03:53 byEmil

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The pricing for BMW M3 Convertible

The BMW M3 Convertible model made its North American introduction at the New York Auto Show today. It will be on sale at the dealers in US starting in the spring costing $65,725. The Convertible variant will be added to the line-up for M3 made of the Coupe variant sold with $57,275 and the M3 Sedan unit which begins at $54,575.

The move to the eight cylinders in this fourth generation of BMW M3 has a powerplant giving the disparate characteristics of much more power, increased efficiency plus reduced weight when it’s compared with the last M3 six-cylinder engine. Displacing 4.0 liters (3,999 cubic centimeters), the all-new light-alloy engine makes 414 hp at 8,300 rpm plus 295 pounds-feet of torque having 3,900 rpm at 85 percent of the top torque available through 6,500 rpm. This power output is representing a 24 percent raise over the six-cylinder from the previous generation M3, coming with a seven percent saving of weight. Compression ratio’s dialed in 12.0:1 plus redline is set for 8,400 rpm.

In addition to this traditional 6-speed manual transmission also, the brand new M3 convertible premieres an all-new 7-speed double clutch transmission that’s specially designed for the high-rpm engine. This M double-clutch transmission having Drivelogic (M DCT Drivelogic) shifts gears with not even the slightest interruption of the power flow. As a result, the M DCT Drivelogic is now able to extract the best possible performance from the vehicle while providing a smooth and comfortable shift also from one gear right to the next.