Hyundai mass producing hybrids next year

Posted on Monday, 24 March 2008 , 11:03:58 byEmil

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Hyundai mass producing hybrids next year

First it was a supercar, and then became a hybrid. The Korean carmaker Hyundai has made the announced that it will be starting to mass produce these hybrid vehicles next year to provide for the conscious environmentally market, and to get itself in the list of the top five carmakers.

The Hyundai `Avante` mode will be arriving next year in the middle and then will be followed by a hybrid mid-size model in 2010 and a fuel-cell unit in 2012 eventually.

Daily Telegraph is reporting that Hyundai is now predicting huge increases in the demand for the green automobiles as the buyers turn to the fuel-efficient autos.

The hybrid market is at the moment dominated by Prius – Toyota model and by mass-producing some hybrids, the scales of the economies just might give Hyundai the right edge over the others. But of course all this will be depending on the cost of the Avante unit, which is unknown for now.

With other auto manufacturers showing great interest in alternate fuel cars, Hyundai’s present entry was expected for quite a long time. A low-cost fuel cell vehicle might just do this trick for them, but all eyes are on the Avante for now, which is all set to seriously compete with Toyota and Honda.