Gran Turismo 5 features Top Gear shows

Posted on Monday, 24 March 2008 , 13:03:44 byEmil

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Gran Turismo 5 features Top Gear shows

Producer Kazunori Yamauchi made the announcement that the Gran Turismo 5 will have something new, ready for all the fans and auto lovers: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, in a word the amaziong Top Gear team, will be also available for the Japanese fans and only through Gran Turismo TV - online TV network. Now, Sony is thinking of offering this well-known show on tv also to all the fans across the ocean, this due to the fact that this show - Top Gear is nearly impossible to see in Japan on TV.

Mr. Yamauchi informs us about some different features that this game will be including: for example Museum, providing historical info about every brand that’s in Gran Turismo 5 while the online mode is adding private race options and in-game voice chat.

This was obviously followed by the announcement of the online auto dealership screen, newly added as a part of taking this game online. So, Mr. Yamauchi hopes now that the all-new online vehicle dealership screen - allowing each brand name to present a information set regarding their autos, will be received well by the Gran Turismo series fans.