GM helps dealers to consolidate their luxury brands

Posted on Tuesday, 25 March 2008 , 05:03:42 byEmil

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GM helps dealers to consolidate their luxury brands

GM pushes for a network with four channel distribution — with Chevrolet and Saturn dealers standing alone and Buick, Pontiac and GMC plus Cadillac, Hummer and Saab brought together under one roof — appears as though the automaker from Detroit will help the dealers who wants to consolidate this latter — the firm`s luxury brand names.

General Motors has yet to unveil how many stores will financial be helping to consolidate in one superstore, but the carmaker did confirm that helped some dealerships with this move.

GM won't be forcing any stores to be consolidating, but will help where a merger is needed. As of now, General Motors has 1,400Cadillac U.S. stores and just 238 Saab and 170 Hummer stores that mean that more Hummer and Saab stores will likely to have a merger. "We have to get a standing (list) of places so that if we had some money, we'd sure like this guy to be over here, or the city has grown up around him, or his facility is worn down and he doesn't want to invest," Jim Taylor, Cadillac General Manager told Automotive News.

Despite all three of the luxury brands at GM are with a very unique identity, the Hummer General Manager Martin Walsh claims the stores should now blend with no problem. Walsh noted that just 34 of Hummer franchises are really stand alone stores.