The EuroLaunch of GM for Corvette Competition

Posted on Thursday, 27 March 2008 , 04:03:20 byEmil

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The EuroLaunch of GM for Corvette Competition

The Chevrolet Corvette can be America's sports car, and yet General Motors is offering Europe its very own original version of the 'Vette. The Corvette Competition is a limited edition model which was created the commemoration of the start of the American Le Mans Series season.

As strange as it may sound for GM to build a limited edition model of the Corvette for Europe based on the American racing models, not all things about the Corvette have been taken in Europe. Across the ocean, Corvette is in fact, its own brand — it's not the Chevrolet Corvette, but a simple Corvette — and the sports car is bought through Cadillac dealerships.

GM says that the Corvette Competition "has subtle resemblances with the successful C6.R race car," still we believe they put quite enough emphasis on subtle. The only two things that the C6 special edition has in common with the racing C6.R is a honeycomb grille in the front of the car and the same insert between the rear exhaust.

The Corvette Competition — which is programed to enter on the European market in April — can be found only in coupe guise, however buyers will have the options of six-speed automatic or manual gearbox.