Roush claims the stole part of Toyota team

Posted on Saturday, 29 March 2008 , 05:03:46 byEmil

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Roush claims the stole part of Toyota team

Jack Roush, the top team owner at Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Series, affirms that a team from Toyota stole a sway bar last year from his team. Stories have been appearing on internet since Toyota has returned a part following some tear-down of autos after the newest Sprint Cup race. An official from Toyota described the part as spring, but Rousch affirms it was an anti-sway bar actually.

According to, this sway bar had now been stored below the toolbox adjacent to the space allocated to one of the teams from Toyota. Reports of tear-down suggested that it was the team of Michael Waltrip, but no one has specified officially which Toyota team is really involved.

Roush says: "The ... nondescript Toyota team, went behind my toolbox and took my bar out of my inventory and put it in their inventory and took it home with them. That is a fact. It has not been refuted and it has been discussed with the team involved".

"I found out about it, I wanted to go supersonic," affirms Roush. "[I thought,] ’We’re going to get a search warrant, industrial espionage is going on ... They’ve had an opportunity to see what it does ... We’ve been damaged, we’ve been harmed by this theft’".