Volvo won the international award for City Safety

Posted on Sunday, 30 March 2008 , 09:03:34 byEmil

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Volvo won the international award for City Safety

Volvo Cars developed a technology for avoiding the low-speed collisions – and is receiving now the American `Traffic Safety Achievement Award` at World Traffic Safety Symposium this year in New York.

`City Safety is yet another example of Volvo`s aim to utilize real world traffic situations to develop solutions to prevent accidents. It is extremely gratifying that we are now being acknowledged with this prestigious award," says Jonas Ekmark, the head of preventive safety at Volvo Cars Safety Centre.

At the 2008’s World Traffic Safety Symposium held at the International Auto Show in New York, a panel of experts that’s consisting of traffic safety specialists brought from institutions like the NHTSA (Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reward many developments reducing the number of injuries, fatalities on American streets. Volvo’s safety feature, the City Safety, made an immense impression on the members of the jury owing to the ability to help preventing or lessening the severity of collisions at some low speeds, reducing the risk of the personal injuries plus damage to autos.

"With City Safety, we hope to eliminate whiplash injuries, to both vehicles involved in typical city driving low speed accidents along with eliminating vehicle body damages," says Ekmark. "Even with just reducing vehicle speed, this system will help to reduce the consequences of low speed impacts. The potential for reducing the risk of both personal injuries and car bodywork damage makes City Safety highly interesting from an insurance perspective".