Brand new Chevrolet Malibu increases transaction prices of the nameplate

Posted on Monday, 31 March 2008 , 03:03:49 byEmil

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Brand new Chevrolet Malibu increases transaction prices of the nameplate

General Motors` brand new Chevrolet Malibu model might not be challenging the leaders of the mid-sized area quite yet —Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord— but the all-new sedan`s making headway quickly where the ex-generation auto fell short.

The Detroit News reports the brand new Malibu unit is selling at the transaction cost $5,000 higher than the ultimate-generation vehicle. Moreover, costs are steady now despite a market downturn plus Malibu sales were up with 50 percent in the first two months of the respective year.

Sales of the zone-topping tirm level LTZ are up also with a 21 percent take rate on the present auto whereas this out going Malibu saw a take rate of only around 5 percent.

But the news is not all good for the all-new Malibu. While the brand new sedan is selling really well to those who already owned a Chevrolet model— around 40 percent of Malibu customers are repeat Chevy clients — the Malibu is not taking buyers out of other brand names. According to J.D. Powers, just 1.4 percent of Malibu customers traded in a Camry unit and less than 1 percent of the clients swapped their Accord model for a brand new Malibu. And another 1.3 percent traded the Nissan Altima in for the Malibu.

Although just a few of the import drives are swapping the rides for an all-new Chevy, at least this Malibu is already a lot more successful than the predecessor.