California easing quotas for the zero-emissions autos

Posted on Monday, 31 March 2008 , 11:03:02 byEmil

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California easing quotas for the zero-emissions autos

The CARB (California Air Resources Board) has agreed today in reducing the number of zero-emissions autos; the carmakers being mandated to make each year by 70 percent, easing a previous target that would have been seen them selling up to 25,000 zero-emissions cars between 2012 and 2014. This figure has been reduced now to only 7,500, and just the top six automakers have to meet these new regulation.

While this reduction may seem a backwards step, the board’s in instead focusing on the viable technologies by raising quotas for the fuel-efficient autos such like hybrids and plug-in hybrid models. In fact, right from 2012 to 2014, the CARB imposed a requirement on automakers to sell some sizeable 66,000 plug-in hybrid units.

The switch in focusing to the more complicated plug-in hybrid units rather than zero-emission cars or non plug-in hybrid models makes sense - if you are only driving some short distances to and from work plus around town, the auto essentially becomes zero-emissions vehicle, having enough power right from its own battery.

Above you can see the Karma luxury plug-in hybrid unit from California’s Fisker Coacbuild. This auto is powered by some small petrol engine plus an electric motor and it can drive up to fifty miles on the electric power alone.