Details on the upcoming hybrid-only model from Honda

Posted on Monday, 31 March 2008 , 05:03:49 byEmil

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Details on the upcoming hybrid-only model from Honda

The Prius from Toyota has long set the basic for the entry-level hybrid department, but Honda will be looking to challenge the Prius unit with its own one – a hybrid-only vehicle early next year. So, while Honda`s keeping secretly about the all-new hybrid auto, Takeo Fukui - Honda president has unveiled a bit of information on this upcoming auto.

Despite most carmakers making this jump to lithium-ion battery sets in their next-generation of hybrid cars, Fukui says Honda will stick with the nickel-metal hydride batteries on the upcoming unit. While lithium-ion batteries provide more power, taking up less space, Fukui does not feel that this technology is ready for the mass production. "Lithium-ion batteries are still not usable from our perspective," Fukui told the Automotive News. "In terms of reliability and durability, I must say there still remain some concerns. I don't think they are necessarily best suited for mass-produced vehicles".

As far the styling goes, look for some yet-to-be-named hybrid — although Fukui affirms the auto will have some global name like Accord or Civic — to take many of the styling cues from the hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity by Honda.

Honda will reveal the all-new model at the Paris Motor Show in September.