Three SUVs from Renault in the next three years

Posted on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 , 03:04:29 byEmil

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Three SUVs from Renault in the next three years

Apparently the Koleos isn`t the only SUV model that`s coming from Renault. According to Patrick Le Quement, vice president of design in the company, Renault will be adding three more SUV units in the line-up: `We are developing a range of SUV crossovers and the Koleos sits right bang in the middle. There will be an addition to the Megane range, when the new cars arrive over the next 18-months. A bigger brother for the Koleos is something we are looking at`.

The big brother - Koleos will be made on the Nissan Murano platform, and obviously, as the Koleos vehicle is expected to be made in the South Korean territory.

A SUV crossover, a smaller unit, applying for the forthcoming generation Megane technology with the expertise gained from the Qashqai of Nissan, will be expanding the range portfolio for the brand new Megane. "There is lots of room below Koleos as people downsize, as Ford has shown with Kuga" said le Quement. This baby Renault SUV model will be competing with units like Land Rover LRX, Toyota Urban Cruiser and Audi Q3.