Seat reveals electro reflective exterior

Posted on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 , 11:04:17 byEmil

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Seat reveals electro reflective exterior

The innovative brand name of VW - Seat, unveiled today something quite unique. We don`t exactly know if this is a April Fool`s day trick, but the Spanish manufacturer said that an elite technicians team are working at the firm developing a special paint mixture which constantly is adapting to mimic the auto’s surroundings.

This can’t be cataloged, unfortunately, as some great invention because autos wearing this technology will really be hard to see it in traffic. So, here’s an interesting question: will the vehicle ever be caught on camera for speeding?

The hitherto secret project’s main engineer, Santos Inocentes, said: ‘We started off just fooling around with paint, but soon discovered that electro reflectivity was the future. The technology has been a jealously guarded secret within SEAT but, now, we feel the time is just right to reveal it to the world’.

Appearing initially on the Leon ‘mule’ by SEAT, it’s possible that the electro reflectivity may someday make it right through to production units. A SEAT UK spokesman affirmed of the all-new development: ‘We’re obviously very excited by this dramatically different exterior design feature, which mixes technology and innovation to deliver undeniably surprising results. Quite what happens when an electro reflective car meets a speed camera, though, is anyone’s guess!’.