BMW selling engines to GM

Posted on Thursday, 3 April 2008 , 00:04:20 byEmil

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BMW selling engines to GM

BMW today made the announcement that by the end of this year the firm will be deciding if it will sell the engines and other components to other rival carmakers and of course to General Motors. BMW is talking at the moment with GM, Fiat and Daimler.

BMW will be deciding by the end of the current year because "it does not make sense to go on talking and talking forever" Eichiner told the Automotive News Europe at a press event here on the sidelines.

The selling engines and all the other components to other carmakers is part of the Number One strategic plan of the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer to boost the profitability of the carmaker.

In February, the German media reports affirmed BMW is now looking for potential buyers for transmissions and engines. Until now, this company hasn’t confirmed yet that it’s talking with Daimler, Fiat and GM.