BMW gives the green light for 1 and 3-series tii

Posted on Thursday, 3 April 2008 , 03:04:18 byEmil

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BMW gives the green light for 1 and 3-series tii

There have been some rumors saying that BMW will be offering a tii variant of some of its autos even since this German carmaker displayed the 1-series tii concept at the Tokyo Motor Show last year and a brand new report indicates the rumors were quite right.

While the all-new tii performance parts are a good thing definitely for the BMW fans, they have a… downside. The parts availability and the already amazing performance of the 135i unit have led BMW ruling against this M treatment for the 1-series. Per Norbert Reithofer, now there will not be a M1 (or whatever the name of the car would have eventually).

So, about the tii. Car reported that there is a high probability actually that the upcoming generation of 1 and 3-series will have a tii trim level. When the all-new 1-series bows up in 2011, just look for tii variast to be offered with the turbo-charged four-cylinder engine plus a much lighter chassis and body. The tii 1-series model will basically serve as the unit's M1.

Same story for this next-gen 3-series when it will bow in late 2011. This 3-series tii vehicle will slot below the M3 but offering the M3's brakes, sports suspension, some 19 inch wheels plus a twin-clutch transmission.

It looks as though stricter worldwide emissions and fuel economy regulations will radically change the types of cars we are used to, but at least automakers are hard at work to keep performance levels up.