Chrysler to continue financing with 0 percent

Posted on Thursday, 3 April 2008 , 02:04:56 byEmil

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Chrysler to continue financing with 0 percent

Chrysler made the announcement that it will definitely continue financing with 0 percent through the end of April. So, in addition, the Michigan-based carmaker also affirmed that it would cut the production if is necessary. Chrysler saw a decline in sales of 19.4 during this month - March.

Unlike General Motors and Ford, Chrysler continues to discount heavily its autos the dealership level. Chrysler will offer, according to Automotive News, 0 percent financing for five years on 2008 units and up to six years for the remaining 2007 vehicles. Chrysler will be accommodating also those who might not qualify normally for financing.

"It's not business as usual for customers. It requires something extra for consumers to go out of their way to consider a major purchase like a vehicle," said on Tuesday Michael Manley, the executive vice president of the international sales and marketingChrysler has been now hit hard by the newest economic downturn as its whole lineup is skewed strongly toward fuel-thirsty SUVs and trucks.