Mercedes-Benz developing the 1.4 liter engine for the America

Posted on Thursday, 3 April 2008 , 17:04:01 byEmil

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Mercedes-Benz developing the 1.4 liter engine for the America

Due to this pressure in producing vehicles with lower emissions of CO2, Mercedes-Benz made the announcement that is considerate building a four-cylinder power factory that will be used more to power the autos sold on the American market.

Mercedes executives affirmed that a supercharged engine of 1.4-liter is in testing already. Although this engine will not be so powerful, the manufacturer said that the car will have a louder exhaust and better acceleration giving the driver the „perception of performance”.

The engine will really be a premiere in the United States but in Europe the carmaker sells already a C-Class powered by some four-cylinder engine. The four-cylinder 1.8 liter engine for example can develop 154 hp but for the all-new engine the builder said no word. It’s possible the power of this new engine to be near 140 hp but for now it remains just a rumor.

One thing is sure: the engine will feature lower CO2 emission, dropping the price of the auto to almost $28,000. This way the all-new Mercedes powered by the four-cylinder 1.4 engine will become the cheapest C-Class unit on the market.