North America accountable for half of the BMW X6 sales

Posted on Saturday, 5 April 2008 , 01:04:15 byEmil

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North America accountable for half of the BMW X6 sales

Despite the rising fuel prices, BMW sees America as the largest market for the X6 crossover models. The newly-announced X6 will be made at the Spartanburg, SC assembly BMW's factory, with 40,000 vehicles rolling out in its first production year. The car`s second largest markets, Germany and the United Kingdom, will account for ten percent of the auto`s sales.

The news comes right from Friedrich Eichiner, the BMW board member for brand development and corporate, in a report Automotive News.

"The U.S. is still the world's biggest SUV market. This is why we are confident the X6 will be a success," he affirmed.

A hybrid variant of the X6 will run with a 407 horsepower V8 4.4 liter mixed with an electric motor, promising on delivering 20 percent better economy of fuel than the equivalent of 400hp, win-turbo, gas-powered auto.

The same report unveiled BMW plans of bringing an X5 diesel later this year to the United States to measure the potential market, which could be leading to a diesel X6 sold right here. Europeans will have the two diesel engine options.

This X6 unit will be on sale at the end of May, in the U.S. and will begin at $52,500.