UAW locals to strike at 3 GM factories

Posted on Monday, 7 April 2008 , 05:04:18 byEmil

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UAW locals to strike at 3 GM factories

General Motors' UAW woes are continuing as 3 UAW locals on Friday filed five-day strike notices. The threatened strikes are about local issues and don`t involve the national contract that was negotiated with GM in 2007. Basically the notice is informing General Motors that workers at individual factories will strike if all their needs aren’t addressed within five days.

So, according to Automotive News, UAW locals that represents the workers at GM's Arlington, Texas; Michigan, Delta Township and Parma, Ohio facilities filed all the five-day notice.
GM didn’t make any comment on the specifics of these notices, but the Detroit-based carmaker did say most local issues involve the absenteeism and work rules.

General Motor's Arlington, Texas factory makes the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon and Chevrolet . Although General Motor's big SUVs are typically its largest profit earners, the sales have been down – this due to rising fuel cost.

GM's Delta Township factory produces the GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook plus Buick Enclave – whose sales now have been strong despite the slumping economy. The Acadia`s the hottest of these three Lambdas, having sales with 29.4 percent raise in March.

General Motor's Parma, Ohio factory is a stamping facility (metal).
Over these last few weeks, General Motor has been forced to a closeup on over 30 factories — including 7 light-duty truck plants plus one passenger car plant — this because of some UAW strike at the American Axel.