Luxury cabs for the aristocrats in Moscow

Posted on Monday, 7 April 2008 , 01:04:32 byEmil

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Luxury cabs for the aristocrats in Moscow

What do Russians have and obviously we don`t? Have you asked yourself this? Well, the latest photos now available on the network are quite revealing, it looks like the Russian do know the best way to travel and of course, when they do it, they really must use only the luxury autos.

In some recent pictures we could see that the Russians don’t have ordinary yellow cabs, like you see everywhere. Who has the bucks and can afford that, it can choose to be traveling with a Maybach 62 model or the strong Techart Magnum, that’s based on the Cayenne Turbo unit. Unfortunately we could not find out what’s the rate for a trip in one of the two cabs but this is not for the ordinary people for sure.

Due to the large number of millionaires in Russia it would not be a surprise seeing in the future some cabs that’s based on sport vehicles like Porsche, Ferrari or the amazing, luxurious Aston Martin, autos that could take you wherever you need but faster obviously than ordinary cabs.