Bugatti producing targa Veyron next year

Posted on Monday, 14 April 2008 , 18:04:44 byEmil

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Bugatti producing targa Veyron next year

No breaking news here. As we reported a year ago, Bugatti is planning to produce open-air Veyrons. The topless supervehicles will be using a targa roof setup, giving its customers a view of the sky and this it should start slowly rolling off this production floor sometime in 2009.

A former executive from Bugatti told Automotive News that this supercar maker had to do with the targa top instead of a conventional soft one "because there was no other solution which could fit with its safety cage".

There will not be a storage compartment for this roof in the Veyron model– meaning open air driving will have now to be planned in advance — but it also has been reported that targa units will be including a makeshift soft top for the emergencies.

Further details remain for now scarce on the all-new model but it’s believed that Bugatti will be making about 80 targa Veyron units.