Porsche thinks Panamera will help the German sales

Posted on Tuesday, 22 April 2008 , 06:04:17 byEmil

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Porsche thinks Panamera will help the German sales

Auto motor und sport magazine says Porsche expects its sales on the German territory to cross 20,000 cars a year in the upcoming years with the introduction in 2009 of the new unit Panamera.

"I expect the next really substantial volume surge with the introduction of the Panamera," Porsche’s Germany chief Bernhard Maier stated for the magazine. "We have carried out detailed market studies and concluded that we can sell at least 20,000 Panamera cars annually worldwide".

In Germany, Porsche is selling up to 5,000 Cayenne autos annually and the market for Panamera is greater, Maier affirmed, adding that the conservative forecast for Panamera would be 5,000 autos in Germany on the first full year in sales.