Lotec C1000 available on eBay

Posted on Wednesday, 23 April 2008 , 09:04:23 byEmil

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Lotec C1000 available on eBay

If you did not think that you can really choose for an old auto but modern and strong in the same time we bring you the Lotec C1000. It`s a mid-90`s model which was now transformed into a four-wheels beast with the help of the 5.6- liter Mercedes V8. The engine power is raised with the help of 2 twin turbochargers, resulting 1000 Hp plus 723 lb-ft of torque.

The use of carbon fiber makes the auto weights only 2380lbs. All this comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, gett from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, 0-125 in 8.1 seconds. For a car made in 1995 it’s amazing, the C1000 was acquired by an Arabian business black gold baron for a $3.4M cost. It’s said to be the fastest auto in the world (268MPH), meaning that Lotec is faster even that the fabulous Bugatti Veyron.

What nobody’s sure of is the way this monster arrive in North Carolina, presented in Concorde at a tiny dealership. Is seems that 2 years ago the C1000 unit was auctioned at the Barrett- Jackson for $243,000 and after only a few months was found on eBay having a $350,000 selling price at the tiny dealership. It’s heard that this one-of –a-kind car unfortunately is broken now in several pieces.