Testing the first Lithium-ion Prototype Volt

Posted on Saturday, 26 April 2008 , 13:04:41 byEmil

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Testing the first Lithium-ion Prototype Volt

This isn`t a rumor. Bob Lutz confirmed that the first completely operational Chevy Volt prototype has reached the road! But this is just the proof that the concept auto exist! But, in the other way, the mule has all the basic components the ultimate Chevy Volt will be in rough form, now the most important thing includes the total 16 kWh 40+ mile area lithium-ion battery pack. So, that means the auto is on the way! It will be revealed in two years.

Here’s what Bob Lutz said: "The only things that were wrong with the EV1 (GM’s first electric car) was that it was way too expensive to make; it was only a two-passenger; and the battery technology was not ready," Lutz said. "It was a noble effort, but it was a technological force job and at a time when nobody cared. We could not find more than 800 buyers for that thing no matter how hard we tried or no matter how much we dropped the price. Finally we had to lease them out."

"We’ve got the first car running (with lithium-ion batteries) ... and what the guys get on ’sightings’ is a picture of an old Malibu with black wheels and a very long extension cord," he said chuckling at the thought. We have gasoline and 350 to 400 volts (of electricity) in the same vehicle and we have to be careful about it," he said.