Ford Shelby GT500KR 2008 - the new King of the Street

Posted on Wednesday, 30 April 2008 , 18:04:04 byEmil

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Ford Shelby GT500KR 2008 - the new King of the Street

Long live the King! As they say. The Ford Shelby GT500KR 2008, “King of the Road” assumes rightfully the throne, taking its place as the final American muscle auto.

“Every new Shelby Mustang renews my energy and passion for performance,” said Carroll Shelby, the founder of Shelby Automobiles. “I’m just as excited about the 2008 KR as I was when I developed the first one. The team has done a great job with this car. It is this is truly the best Shelby Mustang we’ve ever built…so far.”

The Shelby GT500KR unit’s the latest in the royal lineage, spanning more than 40 years, starting with the 1965 Shelby GT350, including the original 1968 Shelby GT500KR model that provided the true inspiration. Carroll Shelby played an active role on the units’ development.

“When the names Mustang and Shelby come together, the results are never anything less than amazing,” said Robert Parker, the Car Marketing manager at Ford. “Mustang has earned an endearing place in America’s hearts, topping the sports car segment for 22 straight years. The GT500KR is sure to get those hearts pumping even faster.”