Maserati Mc12 Corsa on eBay

Posted on Thursday, 8 May 2008 , 05:05:53 byEmil

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Maserati Mc12 Corsa on eBay

Do you have $1,5 million on your account? Well, when you will have, you have to know that Maserati Mc12 Corsa might really be a very good investment, plus that you`re lucky as one`s for sale now on eBay!

Maserati taken the wraps of the $1.7 million supercar, an all-new track-only variant of the World Championship-winning Maserati MC12 named the Corsa plus which will be sold only to valued Maserati clients who'll be restricted to use their brand new supercar on the private track days.

MC12 Corsa's powered by the V12 engine that produces 755 hp. It's capable of hitting a 202 mph maximum speed.
The MC12 Corsa's limited to just 12 models worldwide.

So, if for some weird reasons you do not like the MC12 Corsa, there's also Ferrari Enzo on eBay for sale. So you have now the chance to choose; this as long you afford it!