20 000 members already on the waiting list of Volt

Posted on Friday, 9 May 2008 , 01:05:16 byEmil

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20 000 members already on the waiting list of Volt

Over 20,000 persons have expressed their interest in buying Chevy Volt right when it comes by signing up on the virtual waiting list of GMVolt. It still is not clear how much this Volt will be costing, although most estimates says it's around $35,000. It's not clear also how many Volt models will be made in the first unit year, estimates says that is at least 10,000.

There are around 4000 dealerships at Chevy, so if just 10,000 autos should be produced, how will the distribution go? Bob Lutz - GM vice-chair has mentioned this possibility of early distribution to the “smile states” like California, Washington D.C., New York, and Florida, but indicates also that final plans are not yet a reality.

GM Volt will run with a 160-hp electric motor, allowing it to run on electricity up to 40 miles. Bob Lutz was reported recently saying that the Chevrolet Volt's price could reach around $48,000. Lutz affirmed that $40,00 would then be possible only if the firm doesn’t make any money on the auto.