Kia scraps the pickup truck plans for America

Posted on Friday, 9 May 2008 , 04:05:38 byEmil

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Kia scraps the pickup truck plans for America

On Thursday Kia announced that it has canceled the plans to make a mid-size pickup for the American market. Kia gave Honda pickup truck Ridgeline-esque the green light at the beginning of 2008, but decided for the cancellation the project due to the rising fuel costs and the sagging market for pickup truck.

"Because of high oil prices, the light-truck market is declining significantly, so now is not the right time to produce a pickup truck," Kim Dong-Jin Hyundai Motor Co. CEO told Automotive News.

The all-new truck was slated to has the base on the Kia Sorento 2010 and produced at the firm's new plant in Georgia - West Point. The dead pickup was now to be some mid-size unibody truck on the same vein, like the Honda Ridgeline, that's powered by a V6 engine, with front wheels driving.